CIS “Talk Business” with Roby Brock

Talk Business Host, Roby Brock, invited us in on March 7th to talk about the Silver Tsunami.  He was especially interested in how this massive exchange of wealth and company ownership will impact Arkansas businesses.

Our key message to any business owner is “start planning now”.  Businesses without solid succession plans in place well in advance of need are the ones most likely to fail during the Tsunami.  Don’t wait until you are pushed into it - either by that first heart attack or by a call from out of the blue with an offer for your company.

Click here to watch the video.

Talk Business and Politics website offers a companion article where we outline our best advice for preparing your company and our economy in general.  Click here to read it.

Corporate Insight Strategy stands ready to assist you with building your own Silver Tsunami plan.  We have tools, partnerships and resources to help you and your company weather the storm.  Call us for a free initial consultation.

Want to know more?  Download our tips white paper “Succession Planning 201”.

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