Uber’s Toxic Culture

A company’s culture is one of those things many people tend to overlook. Does everyone in your company know your cultural values? Do you have a dress code? Do your employees even know your dress code? Even at some of the largest and most profitable companies in the world, cultural alignment between the executives and their employees can be non-existent.
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Culture Month Announcement

culture at work
At Corporate Insight Strategy, we value the power of well aligned culture in the work place. Cultural alignment has been demonstrated to have a direct connection to increased profit growth.

That’s why we are excited to announce that our culture survey, TRaX50 CultureTM, is now being offered as a stand alone product.

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Little Startup Attracts Big Name Board

This may indicate big things are about to happen for Corporate Insight Strategy.

Corporate Insight Strategy founder and CEO Alese Stroud says the company has proven itself in the market place and is poised for dramatic growth in 2017.  “This critical growth stage for a young company in a disruptive market demands the best minds.  We needed an advisory board with a proven depth and breadth of experience to help us navigate this stage of our development” says Stroud.

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