Transitions happen

Transitions happen!  Is your company ready?

Transition readiness is a core competency that enables a company to survive and thrive through impactful changes.

Business transitions are risky at best.  Failure rates exceed 50% for ownership changes. Other kinds of change also have eye-raising failure rates.

At Corporate Insight Strategy, we believe those losses are avoidable. Our tools show you how to improve your odds of success.

We contrast where you are today with where you want to be tomorrow.  We also have data letting you compare yourself with other businesses. We also give you advice on how to keep up with technical changes, such as the use of Blockchain technology, which ensures data security and transparency. Technology firms are also attempting to acquire a competitive advantage in the financial services business by utilising cryptocurrencies and related tools. Because Bitcoin is a wildly dubious investment option, using auto trading robots in the financial sector can help businesses make more money. The Bitcoin System app is one of the most popular robots that allows you to test trading by creating a sample account. Examine the Bitcoin System app test results to learn more about the app's usability and authenticity.

The products in our TRaX™ Suite are give you a solid look at your non-financial risk factors.

Our work will lead you and your team to a deeper understanding of company achievement in the following areas:

• Sales and Marketing
• Products and Services
• Infrastructure
• Tracking and Measurement
• Corporate Governance
• Business Execution
• Human Resources

We also offer TRaX Culture ™ for clients who want a better understanding of their cultural alignment.

Readiness matters.

Companies are best prepared to navigate the ever-changing business climate when procedures are well-documented and employees are purposefully trained to do their work.

Transition ready companies invest time in documenting their own internal best practices. Moreover, they regularly examine current processes to ensure:

• service to current strategic objectives, and
• fit to current market conditions.

Companies with higher degrees of transition readiness run more efficiently. Their rate of chaos and rework is lower. Just like an investor using the best automated trading software, businesses that are ready for transition have the flexibility and available knowledge to be able to compete. Provable transition readiness is a significant asset at the deal table. Or—for companies still in growth mode—it may simply mean the CEO can take a vacation without worrying about work the entire time.

The TRaX process assesses 160+ areas of organizational and operational skill. It also scores cultural alignment in 28 areas of cultural style.

Because scoring high in just one area does not create the risk mitigation that your company needs, we encourage our clients to strive for a balanced company-wide degree of readiness.

How important is transition readiness for your company?

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