TRaX50 ™ Culture

Cultural alignment is vital to Transitional Resilience.

How closely aligned is your culture?

CIS TRaX50 Culture tests cultural alignment of 28 component styles within your company’s culture.  We assess cultural risk by looking at degree of alignment and appetite for change.

We look into how you and your employees view the company currently. We also check into your preferences for the future of the company.  Our analytics quantify the degree of agreement on your answers, both overall and by job role.

Additional demographics and analytic segments are available on request as an add-on service.

“Companies with both highly aligned cultures and highly aligned innovation strategies have 30% higher enterprise value growth and 17% higher profit growth than companies with low degrees of alignment.”

Our online survey provides you with actionable information about the current status of your company’s culture.

Do you and your staff see things the same way?  We can tell you.

The easy to administer CIS TRaX50 Culture assessment includes a package of statistical analytics and 2 hours of consulting time to set you and your leadership team on the path to cultural alignment.

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Does your staff know what to wear to work?

Interestingly enough, our data shows that employees and executives agree about the actual dress code only about 56% of the time.  That lack of agreement is not about what the dress code “should be“, but instead is about what the dress code “actually is“.

Do you and your employees agree?

Need help after the assessment?

Knowing your company’s reality is one thing.  Taking action to change it is quite another thing.

Our team of consultants is available to help your company accomplish the changes you want.